Our food philosophy

We love good food, especially if it is ecologically produced. Good food, made from delicious raw materials is priceless. That's why we decided in 2018 to move from Stockholm to the countryside - we were longing for more space, especially more green space. Our organic kitchen garden is our playground, inspiration, fountain of youth and pantry. We grow our vegetables by following the Permaculture cultivation method, are applying a zero-waste policy and follow the biological cycle wherever we can. Food leftovers are for example composted, ashes from ovens/eggshells/coffee grounds/leaves are used to fertilize the grounds in our kitchen garden. Additional fertilizers are organic (often selfmade with available resources) and we do not use single-use plastic products. Our menu reflects what's in season. Its ingredients have been either grown in our garden or they come from selected producers nearby. Our motto is to produce as locally as possible and in the most sustainable way possible. Look forward to freshly baked sourdough bread and handpicked tasty vegetables, decorated with wild herbs. We are using products from our own garden, and once everything is eaten up we trust in our local producers who do awesome shit too.  



what to expect

We are serving food according to nature and season, which means dishes are changing on a regular basis. And then there is our personal flavour, that cannot be bought somewhere else. We are foodies by heart, always curious about good dishes. We have hopelessly fallen in love with this great Nordic Cuisine and combine it with an Austrian touch. No idea what this means? Worth a try, we promise.

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We prepare all courses as much as possible for you. Which means you get all the good and healthy stuff ready in your fridge, without the annoying planning, buying and preparation part. Nevertheless there will be some small steps you need to do yourself - like boiling your breakfast egg, mixing a salad with its ingredients, warming up a soup or barbecuing your veggie burger. Doable, right? We handle it like this because we do not want to disturb you. Maybe you are an early bird or do not want to leave the bed at all when on holiday. Whatever it is, the fridge is filled and you decide how your day looks like. Another benefit - nearly no waste comes along as everything's packed in reusable boxes. 

Breakfast per person:


Coffee / herbal tea / apple juice 
2x sourdough bread rolls / crispbread
a variation of cheese
home-made granola with apples and nuts
an egg (soon from our own chickens)
Butter / home-made jams / dandelion honey 
a smoothie, made from seasonal veggies and fruit


Examples for two-course lunches:
Served as yummy appetizer + main dish or as main dish + sweet treat

❀ ❀ ❀
Roasted carrots with hummus, made from beans
Pasta with field beans and chive flowers 

❀ ❀ ❀

Pie with Mangold, leek and spiced cheese
Pofesen (typical Austrian dessert) with apple purée

Examples for three-course dinners: 


Bruschetta with beetroot leaves, blue cheese and pine nuts / Seasonal soup

❀ ❀ ❀

 Risotto with asparagus / Veggie burger

❀ ❀ ❀

Selection of cheese with home-made jam and chutneys / Apple pie with home-made ice cream


Good to know:

our dishes are vegetarian
vegan / gluten free / dairy free food upon request
following a dietary? Raw or detox options upon request
it's possible to add meat for a surcharge


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